Borderline: The European Case por Valerio Vincenzo

Borderline: The European Case por Valerio Vincenzo
Titulo del libro : Borderline: The European Case
Fecha de lanzamiento : March 21, 2017
Autor : Valerio Vincenzo
ISBN : 9401440662
Editor : Lannoo Publishers (Acc)

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Valerio Vincenzo con Borderline: The European Case

A tremendous travel project by internationally renowned photographer Valerio Vincenzo Every border in Europe, outer and inner, has been captured in a photo Borders within Europe are far from absolute. They have been blurring steadily ever since the Schengen agreements of 1985. Twenty-six countries with a total border diameter of 16,500 kilometers can be freely traversed by anyone. Armed only with a GPS, local ordnance maps, and his trusty camera, photographer Valerio Vincenzo explores liminal spaces between political-cultural territories. He captures what is left over: tranquility, beauty, calm, peace and freedom. His photos all evoke one question: What are borders, really? Text in English and French."